Happy Stories



was a 4 month old puppy when he was hit by a car. Both of his rear legs were broken. Having owners who didnt want him in this condition and who weren’t willing to pay for the surgery to correct his legs, Russell would have been euthanized.

However, his owners agreed to turn him over to me. After a surgery to pin one of his legs and cast the other, Russell recovered with the ability to run and play with the other dogs at my sanctuary. Russell’s one stiff leg is a reminder of his past, though it doesnt slow him down. He will live the rest of his life here as a part of my growing family.


was having a back problem that was affecting his rear legs and causing lack of feeling. Medical treatment failed and surgery was considered, but ruled out because the owners didn’t have the money and sometimes back injuries will heal if given enough time.

His owners wanted the best for him which they couldn’t afford so they surrendered him to the Sanctuary.

I gave the supportive care necessary and unfortunately Snoogles never regained use of his back legs. I contacted his previous owners to see if they’d be willing to help finance a cart, giving him back his mobility. They said yes, but I never heard back or received their help. I was still able to purchase a cart for him, so Snoogles was able to move freely throughout my house and the Sanctuary property.  He has since passed on, and we will miss him dearly.