Special Needs


Many animals at the sanctuary are considered “special needs”. Just like people, having a special needs animal can include a wide variety of concerns. A special environment, care or medication may be necessary to keep such an animal healthy and happy for a full life.
Some of the disabilities of these animals include loss of a leg, eye, and loss of sight or hearing. These are NOT life threating conditions, but many people are unable to come to terms with such drastic lifestyle changes with their pet. With the consent of the owner, Another Chance Sanctuary provides new homes for these animals or allows them to live the rest of their days with medical attention needed on the sanctuary property.
Daily medications can also classify an animal as special needs (insulin for diabetes, phenobarbital for animals with epilepsy, thyroid medications, etc). Clients that cant afford or dont want to pay for life long medications necessary for their animals health will surrender them to the sanctuary.

How You Can Help

Any help is better than nothing! Medications alone can be expensive, but added with the cost of surgeries, carts, and any other supportive equipment for the many animals I have with disabilities is overwhelming!

Donations are always welcome! Some things you could donate are…

– Money (Click Donate Button on Left of page)
– Pet Food (more info)
– Your Time (volunteer)
– Items (such as toys, blankets, beds, cages) (more info)

You can also sponsor a specific animal
(click here to see animals that need help)