The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a safe haven for all animals.


  • Provide permanent homes for adoptable animals
  • Provide shelter in a home-like environment for those unsuitable for adoption
  • To educate society about caring for animals


Dog Housing –

All dogs are free-roam in the house, with access to large fenced-in areas at all times though dog doors.

Cat Housing –

All cats are housed together. The majority of the cats live in the basement.  The cats have access to the outdoors, through a cat door, in an enclosed play area.
There is a separate area for feline leukemia cats.
Many cats with this disease live happy, healthy lives. This area allows these cats to live out their lives without spreading the illness to other cats.

Bird Housing –

The sanctuary is home to a variety of different birds. For their safety they are kept in cages. When time allows the birds are allowed free time from the cages.
 Whenever possible the birds with compatible personalities are housed in pairs, for companionship in their cage.

Goat & Horse Housing –

The goats and horses are kept in the barn. The goats have free roam of the 11 acres on which the sanctuary sits. The horses have a free stall area, which leads to a pasture. They are free to enter and leave the barn at will.

Pig Housing –

The pigs are housed on the front porch, with a heated hut for the colder months.  They have access to their own large fenced-in area and are free to enter and leave the porch as they please.
 photo coming soon!